Financial Fysics - Don McDonald

Financial Fysics

By Don McDonald

  • Release Date: 2018-07-27
  • Genre: Investing


Become a better investor by learning the basic laws and theories of money and investing. Long time national financial radio host, educator, and investment advisor, Don McDonald shares, in an easy reading format, the truth about how investing is meant to work (for you) and some simple methods of avoiding bad investments and building a better portfolio for you future. This book is not meant to be a graduate course in economics or finance (nor do you need one). 

Financial Fysics is designed to fill a hole in most people's education. For most of our lives, we are taught that investing is little more than a game. Most student's first experience with the stock market came via a short-term stock picking assignment as part of a social studies class. The only knowledge imparted through that experience was that investing was no better than gambling. Those who picked the stock that grew the most over the next few weeks were declared the winners. No skill was involved in the process.

Dictionaries define investing with words like: venture, risk, and speculation. Is it any wonder that most people consider investing nothing more than a game of chance, a roll of the dice, a turn of the cards. As painlessly as possible, Financial Fysics sets out to provide that basic primer on money and investing that few, if any, of us received, at any point in our lives. It is an effort to counteract the effect of billions of dollars devoted to brainwashing us into believing that the only way to build investment wealth is to know or hire those whom we believe possess some secret knowledge about money.

If you are ready to manage your money responsibly and invest like a "grown up," Financial Fysics is for you. Learn to build a better future for you, not your insurance agent of stockbroker, using time-tested, academically based methods in this brand new, interactive version of “Financial Fysics.”