Running a Good Business, Book 1: Why Good? Why Now? - Claude Whitmyer

Running a Good Business, Book 1: Why Good? Why Now?

By Claude Whitmyer

  • Release Date: 2011-05-17
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Introduction to "Good Business." Covers the various aspect of "good" from "a good business to be in" (economically) to "doing well by doing good."

Offers statistics to define small businesss and describes the characteristics of small businesses as revealed by Census Bureau and Department of Laboar data.

Includes a brief overview of a the entire series of hands-on guides to managing the ins and outs and ups and downs of starting and growing a values-driven small, micro or one-person business offering the unique lifestyle of self-employment.

Chapter 1: Do What You Love and Still Pay the Bills
- Do Well By Doing Good and Manage As If People Mattered
- Entrepreneurship Can Bring Both Security and Freedom
- Why "Good?"
* Skillful Means
* Tradeskill
* Market Focus
- Why Now?
- Too "Good" to be True?

Chapter 2: Small is Beautiful
- Characteristics of U.S. Businesses
* Home-Based Businesses
* Self-Financed Businesses
* Small Businesses are Innovative
* Education Level of Small Business Owners
* Age of Small Business Owners
* Small Businesses Create Jobs for Women, the Young and Older People
* Veterans as Business Owners
* Disabled as Business Owners
* Owners' Income, Role and Hours Vary
- Small Business By the Numbers
* What's the "Unemployment Rate" for Small Businesses?
* What Does the Immediate Future Hold?

About the Authors

Why a Series of Books?
Why Smashwords?
What Should You, The Reader, Do Next?
Free to the Pioneers
How to Give Us Feedback
Why Did We Start This Project In the First Place?
Who is This For?
- Businesses of All Kinds
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- Executive Coaching
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- Business Consulting
- How Do I Arrange For The Consulting?
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